Asbestos Services / Pre-Demolition Building Inspection

  • Inspection
  • Abatement Project Management
  • Hazardous Materials Inspection

Asbestos is regulated by State and Federal agencies with the intent of preventing human exposure to airborne asbestos fibers. Asbestos inspections are required prior to renovation, demolition or abatement activities at commercial facilities or multi-unit residential facilities greater than 4 units, regardless of the age of the building. Inspections are also required at residential facilities of 4 units or less when a contractor is being hired to perform the work.

SAGE’s certified asbestos consultants are experienced in identifying asbestos related issues in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Our inspectors will survey a site and obtain samples of all suspect asbestos containing materials (ACM) for analysis. If ACM are identified, we provide third party oversight to ensure abatement contractor compliance with all regulations. Our services include air monitoring during the abatement to ensure asbestos is not released, as well as clearance air monitoring at completion to verify that the area may be safely reoccupied.

SAGE also conducts Pre-Demolition Building Inspections (PBIs) to identify hazardous materials in facilities that are to be demolished. In addition to suspect ACM, these materials include mercury thermostats and fluorescent lights, PCB ballasts or transformers, refrigeration units containing CFCs, and containers and drums. Where possible, we strive to identify recycling options to minimize hazardous material disposal costs. Our services include a follow-up inspection to verify that all hazardous materials have been removed.