Air Monitoring

  • Personal and Ambient Monitoring
  • Method 9 Visible Emissions Monitoring

SAGE’s air monitoring services help to characterize emissions at construction, remediation and industrial sites, providing the data you need to protect worker safety and comply with air quality regulations. We provide monitoring for many compounds including metals, volatile organic compounds, silica, polyaromatic hydrocarbons and others.

SAGE prepares personal and ambient air monitoring plans for sites with potentially hazardous emissions. Air monitoring data is then collected from personal monitoring devices worn by workers or at fixed monitoring stations and compared to applicable regulatory levels. If this comparison indicates that airborne contaminants approach or exceed regulatory limits, SAGE works with site managers to design engineering controls to reduce emissions. Air monitoring data can also be used to design site health and safety plans and to confirm that they are sufficiently protective.

We also prepare fugitive dust emissions plans for construction projects as required by the Utah Division of Air Quality in counties designated as non-attainment for particulate matter under the National Ambient Air Quality Standards. Both on-site and off-site visible emissions are then monitored using EPA Method 9 to determine whether engineering controls are necessary to reduce emissions. We also provide Method 9 monitoring at industrial facilities required to collect monitoring data under the New Source Performance Standards of the Clean Air Act.