Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

  • Soil, Groundwater and Soil Gas Sampling
  • Risk-based Evaluation
  • Clean-up Cost Analysis

SAGE is well aware of the risks and liabilities associated with environmentally damaged properties and works to protect our clients’ interests while meeting tight due diligence schedules. If we identify significant environmental concerns during a Phase I assessment, we may recommend a Phase II investigation to collect soil, groundwater or soil gas samples to determine if the property has been impacted and, if so, to enable us to evaluate the ramifications of those impacts through a targeted investigation. SAGE’s Environmental Professionals have been designing, conducting, and managing Phase II ESAs for over 20 years at sites ranging from small remote locations to operating industrial facilities. To minimize the costs associated with property transfer evaluations, SAGE utilizes the most cost efficient exploration and analysis techniques to provide the information required to support our client’s decision-making process.