Planning, Permitting and Compliance Monitoring

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Fugitive Dust Control Plans
  • Hazardous Material Control Plans
  • Construction Dewatering Permits

Typically, a general construction permit includes requirements for plans and permits to protect resources such as air quality and water quality. SAGE has prepared Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), Fugitive Dust Control Plans, UPDES Permit Applications, and Notices of Intent for Construction Dewatering, as well as permit applications for construction within known contaminated areas.

Also of concern during construction planning is whether soil or water contamination may be present on the work site and how that may affect worker safety and impact project schedules. SAGE has prepared Hazardous Material Control Plans to identify potential environmental hazards in a project area and to outline appropriate response procedures. SAGE can respond quickly to collect samples for expedited analysis, allowing us to identify potential worker health and safety issues and determine appropriate methods for the handling and disposal of contaminated materials. Our goal is to keep the project moving while the environmental issues are being addressed.

SAGE also provides on-site monitoring to assure that your project or job site complies with environmental permit conditions. Our EPA Method 9 certified Visible Emissions Monitor is available to provide on-site monitoring at active construction sites to document compliance with dust control regulations. Our Registered Stormwater Inspectors also provide required inspections to ensure ongoing compliance with the project’s SWPPP. SAGE also provides sampling, treatment and disposal solutions for dewatering operations involving potentially contaminated water.