American Barrel Superfund Site / Groundwater Monitoring

Client: PacifiCorp
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Since 2007, SAGE has been managing ongoing groundwater monitoring and other environmental compliance activities at the American Barrel Superfund Site. Work has involved the installation of monitoring wells, scheduling sampling personnel and subcontractors, facilitating proper waste disposal, assisting in coordination between EPA Region 8 and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, obtaining access agreements, managing data validation and preparing all monitoring reports. We also conducted the statistical analysis in support of the transition from active remediation to Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA)

SAGE prepared the American Barrel Site MNA Plan in 2012, which identified source areas and plume trajectories, established a network of wells to be monitored, proposed a reduced list of target analytes, and developed procedures to statistically evaluate the progress of natural attenuation. We coordinated the installation of the wells required to complete the new network and continue to manage the on-going monitoring. SAGE also assisted in the preparation of the American Barrel Site 3rd Five Year Review.