Service Station / Investigation and Corrective Action

Client: Hardy Enterprises, Inc., PST Fund
Location: Logan, Utah

SAGE completed two subsurface investigations at the former Logan Food Mart, which included the installation of nine soil borings, eight groundwater monitoring wells, and sub-slab vapor sampling inside an on-site building. The investigations were successful in defining the extent of petroleum impacted soil and groundwater related to the release of gasoline from a former underground storage tank. Sub-slab soil gas sampling determined that benzene was present in soil gas but did not exceed screening levels and was not a risk to building occupants.

SAGE prepared a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) that included excavating the contaminated soil for off-site disposal and the application of an oxygen releasing compound. When three previously unidentified USTs were discovered, the SAGE project manager temporarily stopped excavation activities, notified the appropriate regulatory agencies and mobilized a Utah Certified UST Remover. The tanks were removed the same day, minimizing standby time and allowing the project to stay on schedule.

While several constraints including the on-site building and adjacent streets prohibited removing all of the petroleum impacted soils, the corrective action was successful; after several rounds of follow up groundwater monitoring, the site was granted “no further action” status.