Commuter Rail / Lead and Arsenic Contaminated Soil Remediation

Client: Salt Lake City Commuter Rail Constructors
Location: Murray, Utah

Under contract with Commuter Rail Constructors, SAGE remediated lead and arsenic contaminated soil at several sites within Utah Transit Authority’s Provo to Salt Lake City FrontRunner commuter rail right-of-way. Soil at these sites contained up to 40,000 ppm lead as well as elevated concentrations of arsenic, and required remediation before construction crews could begin work. The Murray Smelter Superfund site, described below, illustrates the scope of work at all of the sites.

SAGE prepared a work plan for the Murray Smelter Superfund site that was approved by Murray City, the Utah Division of Environmental Response and Remediation and EPA Region 8 to characterize soil using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) verified by laboratory confirmation. SAGE tested, excavated and segregated the soil along the construction right-of-way. Some material was stockpiled on site for future use as fill, while 1,700 tons of soil determined to be hazardous waste was transported to a hazardous waste landfill. Confirmation sampling determined that lead concentrations met health and safety action levels.