Equipment Company / Phase I & II Site Assessments

Client: Confidential
Location: Weber County, Utah

As part of a real estate transaction, SAGE conducted a Phase I ESA at a heavy equipment company located in Weber County, Utah. The Phase I identified floor drains in areas where vehicular maintenance took place as a Recognized Environmental Condition (REC). Effluent from these drains was discharged to the subsurface through a buried perforated tank used as a Motor Vehicle Waste Disposal well (banned by the EPA in 1999). SAGE conducted a Phase II investigation which involved excavating a former drain field, closing the disposal well, and collecting soil and groundwater samples along the drain system. Although several contaminants were detected in subsurface soils and groundwater, they were at concentrations far below regulatory standards. This, in conjunction with the closure of the disposal well, allowed SAGE to clear the REC and for the property transaction to proceed.