Tucson International Airport / Phase I & II Site Assessments

Client: FAA
Location: Tucson, Arizona

SAGE conducted a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) in Tucson, AZ to evaluate the suitability of a potential construction site located within the Tucson International Airport Area Superfund Site. The Phase I ESA identified the likely presence of groundwater contaminated with volatile organic compounds as a Recognized Environmental Condition.

For the Phase II Assessment, SAGE collected soil gas and surface soil samples to determine if the site was impacted by groundwater contamination or by contaminated surface soil. Although no contaminants were detected in surface soils, several volatile organic compounds were detected above screening levels in soil gas samples.

A risk evaluation was conducted to assess potential exposures to soil gas for future indoor and outdoor site workers as well as construction workers. SAGE calculated site-specific screening levels and then used the EPA Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund protocols to identify potential pathways and contaminants that exceeded acceptable levels. Results of the risk evaluation indicated that both cancer and non-cancer risks to construction workers and future indoor and outdoor workers were within acceptable limits and construction proceeded on the site.