Transit-oriented Development / Phase I ESAs

Client: The Thackeray Garn Company
Location: Wasatch Front, Utah

SAGE has performed Phase I ESAs for The Thackeray Garn Company for both undeveloped properties and properties undergoing redevelopment. Several of the sites had Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) relating to former gas stations or dry cleaners either on or adjoining the property, one was a former storage yard for electrical supplies, and a 64-acre property had a large quantity of fill material from an unknown source. SAGE was able to eliminate the RECs on these properties after performing Phase II investigations. One property was located within the Ironton Voluntary Cleanup Program site in Provo, Utah which had been used for the production of coke and iron for 40 years. This site was identified as a Controlled REC for the property due to the presence of residual contamination managed through environmental covenants.